Sourcebook - 2019-2020 Tools for Team Policy (NCFCA)

Sourcebook - 2019-2020 Tools for Team Policy (NCFCA)

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The 2019-2020 Tools for Team Policy Debate sourcebook is the best policy sourcebook produced by DFWSD to date. Led by an outstanding team comprised on Spencer Min, Joshua Tryon, and Nicholas Storz, these 12 policy reforms are a must-have for novice and advanced policy students alike. The sourcebook is comprised of 1ACs, Affirmative Backups, and Negative Briefs for the following 12 reforms:

  1. Abolish the Federal Gas Tax

  2. Creation a National Carbon Market

  3. Eliminate Title IX of the Farm Bill and Sun Grant Program

  4. End Federal Fossil Fuel Subsidies

  5. End Loan Guarantees for Alternative Energy Companies

  6. Extend MLP Partnerships to Renewable Energy Companies

  7. Institute a Carbon Tax

  8. Open Yucca Mountain

  9. Repeal Solar Panel Tariffs

  10. Implement Tax Credits for Smart Thermostats

  11. End Electric Vehicle Subsidies

  12. Prohibit Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve

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