What does DFWSD Offer?


Online Coaching

We have specialized coaches with a background in all major leagues, including NCFCA, STOA, NSDA, NCFL, and more. We tailor the content of our online sessions to the needs of our students.

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Online Workshops

We offer online workshops for Policy Debate and Value Debate. For more information, visit our online workshop page (coming soon with dates and sign-up information!)

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Our curriculum has been used by schools and clubs for over a decade! We offer Team Policy curriculum, a yearly Team Policy Sourcebook, and Speech curriculum.

Our curriculum will be available for download the week of August 20th, 2019. Check back for details!


TP Sourcebook

Our Team Policy sourcebook contains 12 relevant policy reforms written by our elite coaches and top national competitors.

Our Sourcebook is available to purchase on our “curriculum” page. Spread the word!


Questions about our products?

Check out our FAQ below! Still can’t find an answer? Fill out our form at the bottom to get in contact.

How does online coaching work?

Coaching is typically purchased in a 6-week block. We meet with your student for 6 sessions over 6 weeks. We coach via Skype or Google Hangouts, and we encourage students to have a webcam to make the meetings as fun and engaging as possible! Sessions are either 1, 1.5 or 2 hours long at the clients request.

To begin the search for a coach, fill out one of our coaching request forms so we can get in contact with you!

What events does DFWSD coach?

We have provided coaching services for every form of debate and virtually every speech category performed on any circuit or in any league.

Note: Although we can provide coaching for interpretive speech events, they are by nature difficult to coach and coordinate online. We encourage those seeking help with interpretive events to find in-person coaching options as opposed to online options.

What leagues does DFWSD coach?

We have coaches with a coaching background that spans high school and collegiate debate, homeschooled leagues to the Tournament of Champions, and everything in between. We will work with you to find the right coach!

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching payment varies per coach and per event. You will receive a quote for the hourly rate after you fill out our coaching request form! Visit “Our Elite Coaches” to get started.

How many hours are coaching sessions?

Typically, we recommend 1 hour sessions for speech coaching, 1.5 hour sessions for individual debate coaching, and 2 hour sessions for team debate (including policy and parli). We require you purchase a minimum of six sessions at a time

Do I pay up front or can I pay in installments?

Payments must be made up front.

Can I meet my coach before I pay?

Of course! After submitting a coaching request form, you will be given the chance to meet your coach before you financially commit.

Can I be refunded for unused sessions?

DFW Speech and Debate has a strict no-refund policy for sessions the student chooses not to use. If you are concerned that you may not use the full six-week bloc of sessions, contact us and let us know the extenuating circumstances.

I bought curriculum. Will it be shipped it me?

DFW Speech and Debate is striving to become a paperless company to lower curriculum cost and promote sustainability. After you purchase curriculum or the DFWSD Sourcebook, you will be emailed a link to download the purchased materiels.

I really want it printed - can I just go print it?

Yes! You are welcome to print the materials you purchase as long as it still abides by our licensing requirements. Please do not print and distribute copies to individuals without a license for the product.

I tried to download my purchase but it said it was unavailable/my link expired. What do I do?

Squarespace requires you download the purchase from the emailed link within 24 hours, but don’t worry - if you missed that deadline, get in contact with us using the form below and we can manually re-send the link.

Still have questions? Get in contact with us below!

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